Success Story's

  • “After 23 years of failing at dieting through Weight Loss Coaching I can finally say that I am free from the bondage of food. My self-destructive relationship with food was ruining me and distracting me from accomplishing what God has for my life. I have made the tools I was taught a part of my life and I now have a renewed mind concerning food and myself. As an added bonus, I have lost 11kg’s so far and still going strong. Thank you Melissa!”
  • "Gesonde kos, bederf kos, maak nie saak nie, ek wou heeltyd eet en eet! Melissa het BAIE praktiese “tools” en advies wat ek onmiddelik in my roetine kon inwerk. Ek het elke week of twee met haar telefoniese sessies gehad wat my besige skudule perfek gepas het."
  • "My hele lewe lank het ek selfbewus, skaam, minderwaardig en ongefokus gevoel."
  • "I discovered Melissa and weight loss coaching it was like finding the key to the universe. Coaching with Melissa uncovered my reasons for emotional eating and self-sabotaging behaviours. It was the best investment I ever made in myself "
  • "Ek is nou al 3 jaar op my doel gewig en geniet vrouwees!!! My ander "goal" is om my eie besigheid te begin en ek het die groot stap gevat. Selfvertroue en positiewe denke, weet jy kan enigiets doen, moenie bang wees om te val nie want jy gaan altyd weer opstaan en sterker aan die anderkant uitkom. Hou jou oog op die groter prentjie. Dankie Melissa jy is nogsteed my grootste inspirasie.” 
  • "Losing weight was never easy, especially with our busy lives, work, children, and households... Melissa helped me to get the right mind set and was always a phone call away."
  • "Ek het reeds 9 kg verloor in vier maande, en omdat ek dit stadig verloor het, het ek nog nooit weer n gram opgetel nie. Dit voel glad nie asof ek op n dieet is nie."
  • "Thank God that I decided to go to Melissa. I believe it was the best decision I EVER made! I am more focused than ever with my studies and work and stress no longer runs my life!! I finally won my own battle. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the brilliant Melissa Janse van Rensburg coming into my life and helping me in extraordinary ways. I am so thankful for this incredible journey and extremely excited for the ones to come."
  • "I am more passionate about my life and that I am the only person that can set my future's limits. I am enjoying my life with the confidence and taking on new things which I never would have done in the past."
  • "Life Coaching gee mens n stem en die vermoe om te besef maar jy is ok. Nee nie net ok nie maar AMAZING"

A very warm welcome to you!

I love to learn, and what I have learned so far has been an incredible journey for me and my dear clients.

I am committed to never share anything that hasn’t worked for me and promise to give you bite size, digestible and oh so delicious tips!

So by the way… I write this blog for you..

Dear reader

If you need to lose 5, 10, 20 or more than a 100kg and you’ve tried dieting without success, gained back lost weight or are just not sure why the scale just won’t budge... it means your body thinks it needs excess weight in order to keep it safe.

Here's the problem...

In your mind, you desperately want to be thin and you try everything - diets, exercise, pills and even deprivation - but your body fights back with cravings that are out of control. If you're experiencing this on-going struggle, the bad news is that it only gets worst with time. If you don't find a solution, you'll most likely continue to gain weight and your health will deteriorate with each passing year.